Certificates & Policies


Occupational Health and Safety, as well as the Protection of the Environment, take the first place among the working principles of the Elastron management.

To take all kinds of measures to prevent occupational accidents, injuries, occupational diseases and environmental pollution is the main goal of the Company Management.

Our commitments below shall guide us to achieve this goal:

  • To always identify hazards before they occur, and to take precautions against risks of loss, accidents or damage within the scope of the principles of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection,
  • To use natural resources and all kinds of energy sources in the most efficient and economical way,
  • To control and prevent the environmental pollution caused by our operational activities and to take measures against the negative effects of the factors that threaten the occupational safety and human health,
  • To raise awareness of all our employees, dealers, customers, suppliers and contractors on Health, Safety and Environmental Protection, and to support them with trainings,
  • To cooperate with our customers, employees, suppliers, contractors, competitors, neighboring enterprises and public interest organizations, to listen to them and by giving sincere answers to their demands, to carry our Health, Safety and Environmental Protection endeavors forward and to improve it continuously,
  • To prevent the occurrence of incidents and accidents, to give realistic reports about incidents and accidents that had already occurred, and by sharing these reports with our employees, to ensure that a lesson is learned,
  • To reward those who contribute to the improvement of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection related matters,
  • To comply with the legal and related parties' expectations regarding environmental protection and occupational safety,
  • To keep this policy always open to public,
  • To commit to the continuous improvement of our management systems.

All Elastron employees and employees of the contractors who work in the Elastron enterprise are responsible from our Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy. The department heads are obliged to ensure the implementation of this policy in their own units and to increase our company's reputation in the public opinion by improving our performance in these issues.


  • To ensure continuous system and product development in order to meet customer requirements and quality expectations in full and with the lowest cost possible (if quality increases costs decrease);
  • To be a pioneer in national and international markets with innovative designs, and, with the competitiveness objective, to ensure continuous development for the standards in the entire value chain to be world class;
  • To develop our employees with a human-oriented approach, and to adopt a corporate culture that takes into account the quality awareness and inquisitive perspective in every activity we undertake;
  • To be in cooperation with our suppliers and customers whom are the integral part of our quality;
  • To fulfill our social responsibility requirements together with all of our stakeholders and to engage in production in a way to support the use of sustainable natural resources;
  • By renewing value in the compound industry, to be a global, permanent and perfect company which puts a smile on its customers' faces;
  • To offer our customers compound products and perfect services with the fastest design, in the optimal quality, and having the ease of choice;
  • To ensure that our products are manufactured according to their areas of utilization and compliant with relevant standards;
  • To commit to the continuous improvement of our management systems.


Elastron, as a TPE producer since 1980, has a prior mission of presenting continuous and high quality products and services. With this aspect, customer reliability takes the key role in our success.

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