Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods


Elastron Thermoplastic Elastomers is a leading global supplier of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) including a wide range of TPE material options for the consumer market.

Elastron thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials are used in a variety of applications including soft touch grips (i.e., razors, toothbrushes), food packaging (i.e., seals, lids, covers), power tools, caster wheels, sporting goods, toys, consumer appliances and many other consumer goods.

Elastron TPE compounds are skin friendly and exhibit excellent compression set and sealing performance, as well as very good, smooth surface appearance.  Elastron has TPE compounds suitable for food contact, good organoleptic properties, low odor, antistatic applications, EN 71-3 toy safety conformity, and very soft grades which provide excellent haptics.  NSF/ANSI 61 certified materials for drinking water applications are also available.  Elastron TPE products are easily colorable and can be processed by 2K molding.  Select series of products are bondable to a wide variety of plastics including PE, PP, PA, ABS, PC, and PS which provide for excellent design flexibility and process optimization. 

Elastron V series TPVs and G series SEBS TPEs and D series SBS TPEs are suitable products for consumer applications.  

Elastron grades are used in following consumer goods applications:


  • Food contact grades available
  • Antistatic grades available
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Availability of very soft grades
  • Excellent surface appearance
  • Excellent bonding to many plastics
  • Easy to colour
  • Coloured compounds available
  • 100% recyclable


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