Vision, Mission and Brand Values


Contribute to a better world with reliable and sustainable products


To be the everyday life engineering partner of TPE users with a variety of products and services.

Brand Values


Elastron specializes in crafting tailor-made TPE solutions that perfectly align with our customers' unique needs, fostering a collaborative environment where ideas converge and partnerships flourish.

Easy to do business with

With streamlined channels, flexibility and a customer-centric approach,  Elastron ensures effortless access and interactions, providing prompt responsiveness and effective communication to meet our clients' needs.


Elastron's commitment to excellence shines through our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional TPE products, setting the benchmark for industry standards and customer satisfaction.


At Elastron, we prioritize the needs and well-being of people, crafting innovative TPE solutions that enhance everyday experiences and promote a better quality of life

Sustainability Promise

Strategy and statement

Elastron respects nature and all living things.

Elastron creates and implements policies, procedures, and ethical rules with the objectives of sustainability.

Elastron has a dedicated team to develop sustainable TPE products, monitor and implement global regulations about sustainability.


Elastron has impact modification solutions to support recycling market.

Elastron develops PIR products for special projects.

Elastron measures and monitors the Product Carbon Footprint to minimize the impact of Greenhouse Gas Emission on the environment.


Elastron works with Ecovadis platform to initiate system improvements in line with sustainability and corporate social responsibility standards.

Policies about using natural resources such as water and energy are successfully implemented at all levels of Elastron organization. Elastron obtained ISO 14001 certificate through its focus on protecting the environment.

Elastron has a responsive waste management system monitored by the local authority and Elastron sustainability team.

Elastron aims to provide a safe working environment and eliminate the risk of work accidents. Occupational health and safety practices of Elastron are certified with ISO 45001.